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A unit of measure !

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As an old bloke, i still think in feet and inches . People tell me I am old and behind the times, Metric is the way to go. Just found this onine from Eric. (Quote). Oh, I don't know, let's pick a big number, say 10 million. And divide the Earth's circumference... no, pole-to-pole... no, oh heck, let's make it just a quarter of the way around. Why not? So one ten-millionth of a quarter of the circumference of the earth. That distance. That. We'll make that the standard way to measure everything!

Nobody would do anything that arbitrary and random and expect it to catch on :(

Except it did catch on. That's the meter. (end of quote) I am reminded that my maths teacher would say the metric system is designed for those who need their fingers to count.

Heatwave ?

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The sun is shining, The press, Media and Politicians are shouting Heatwave ! Probably because they want us all to panic and think the end of the world is upon us ! Maybe it is, What with Putin , Ukraine and Uncle Tom Cobbley.

However, be that as it may, I decided to have an iced coffee, or to be more precise, a coffee with ice. Then I would take it outside and sit under the shade of this rather large umbrella.

So espresso machine warming up, Ice cubes in a glass, and I go to put up the umbrella.

I need to align the canopy with the bracket and to do that I step onto the little coffee table we have in our cush.

Done it many times ! This time, it tipped up. !! I fell and landed on the table and logs etc.

No plasters in the house. Sellotape and kitchen roll Battered Legs

July Sky

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July Sky, on the 7th .

I thought this looked nice.

Them Birds !

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So we keep getting birds crashing into our windows. They often recover quickly and. fly away, but some dont !

Someone suggested putting cut outs of birds on the window.

So I tried, Image is my first attempt.
That doesnt mean my second attempt is likely to be any better, Everyone laughed, including the birds. enter image description here

July the fifth. Woo hoo

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Seen through anwindow

Newborough Forest on Anglesey

Flowerpots .

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In Settle, North Yorkshire. They put flowerpots together at a festival. I saw three today enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Birthday Boy

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The Birthday Boy Grandson in his hooded cloak on his 16th Birthday.
All grown up and taller than me !
Where did the time go ?

Lagos, Portugal, Nov 2021

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First post on HTMLy.!! Parked the joomla blog.! Me, trying to look suave on a bench in Lagos, Portugal. We had a week here in November 2021, Very nice weather, Good food and wine.

Warm enough to swim in the sea. I have spared you the image of me in my cossie !